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The Jane Stern Dorado Community Library (JSDCL) has worked continually since 1974 reaching underserved populations on the island, supplementing and enriching educational opportunities. This has included:

  • Adding and expanding programs to meet the educational and social needs of children and adults 

  • Transitioning to the digital age with the addition of computer labs and trade-based training 

  • Expanding the reach of library services through the creation and maintenance of 10 satellite libraries aimed to reach more rural and underserved areas.


The main library occupies 8,125 sq. ft. in Dorado’s Luis Muñoz Marin municipal government building and has become a center of learning unique in Puerto Rico for the breadth and depth of services provided by skilled staff and teachers in its meeting rooms, play areas, and computer labs.

Each of our ten satellites mirrors the main Library, with programs for adults and children, early education play areas, children’s books and toys, computers, and connection via reliable internet to JSDCL’s digital resources.

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